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Let your heart speak!

Are you looking for an organization that offers sustainable volunteer work on a small scale? Which works reliably and responsibly at the same time? Are you looking for an organization where you aren't a number, but where a personal approach comes first and where there is much effort put into your preparation? Stop searching now, you have found the organization that suits YOU!

Besides volunteering, it is also possible to do an internship at one of our projects, to participate in workshops, to experience the real Ghana with the village experience, to go on excursions or to make a cultural tour. Heart4Ghana would like YOU to experience the diversity of the Northern Ghana culture with our multifaceted offer. We would like to inspire you to be touched and changed permanently by visiting this part of the country.

Choose Heart4Ghana for sustainable and responsible volunteering, internship and travel!



Here you can read more about our projects for which Heart4Ghana Foundation is saving. Here you can see exactly how much has been raised for each fund and whether we have achieved our goal. At the moment we are saving for a hairdresser's training for Zurawu, so that this young woman can raise from poverty. In addition, we save for a second hand pick up. The foundation will need is for reaching out to the sponsored women and supervise them.

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