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Mission and vision

Our mission is to achieve sustainable and responsible development cooperation in the north of Ghana based on a Christian attitude to life.

The Heart4Ghana Foundation has an honest and sustainable cooperation with local partners in mind, whereby the use of local knowledge and skills will be used to achieve social, economic and missionary goals.

It also wants to inspire her visitors (volunteers, trainees, travellers, etc.) by sharing this local knowledge and experiences and coaching them in applying this in their own lives. In addition, it wants to encourage them to participate in the local and cultural customs of the region in order to achieve integrated and responsible cooperation.

All activities of the Heat4Ghana NGO must be aimed to empower (small) entrepreneurs in the region. The Heart4Ghana NGO will also ensure that local employees working on local projects receive a fair and competitive salary.

Objective and activities of the Heart4Ghana foundation

Heart4Ghana’s objective on the one hand is witnessing Jesus Christ among Northern Ghanaian women in words and deeds and in addition by engaging into a sustainable and responsible cooperation with partner organisations in Northern Ghana, assisting them in realizing their social, economic and/or missionary objectives and by carrying out all further activities, which are in the broadest sense related or conducive to this.

The Heart4Ghana NGO tries to achieve its goal by:

- engaging into intensive cooperation with Heart4Ghana Foundation (registered in The Netherlands) and other partner organizations in Northern Ghana;

- setting up, implementing and monitoring the Heart4Women sponsorship program and microfinance for Northern Ghanaian women;

- the use of (professional) volunteers and / or interns to support local projects;

- financially and / or materially support Heart4Ghana's social projects so that they can grow to their full potential;

- overseeing project donations from visitors (volunteers, trainees, travellers) in a sustainable and responsible manner.


We want to achieve the following goals between 2018 and 2020:

- Appoint a director who will manage the daily management of the projects in Ghana;

- Engage into intensive cooperation with at least 2 missionary organizations with which we can achieve our joint missionary goals;

- We aim to increase the number of sponsors to at least 25 so that the same number of women can be empowered;

            § Expanding our network on social media and within denominations in the Netherlands

            § Publish women's profiles on our website

            § Prepare a promotional video for on the website

- Setting up a women empowerment project within an agro cultural setting;

            § Enter into cooperation with local enterprises

            § Conducting research into the possibilities for setting up women's cooperatives in agricultural culture

            § Investigate a location for the start of a first cooperative

- We aim to increase the number of volunteers and interns with a maximum of 25 volunteers / trainees per year;

            § Enter into cooperation with colleges and universities in Europe for a standard placement of trainees

            § Give publicity to internship positions and volunteer positions on social media

            § Distributing brochures and brochures at colleges and universities

            § Post reviews and reviews on the website

- Realizing sustainable funding to keep the foundation financially healthy;

            § Realizing an automatic collection option for our donors and sponsors

            § Search for companies in the Netherlands that would like to sponsor our activities

§ Determining the interest of the micro-credit program of the Heart4Women project according to market conditions (20%)

            § Financial security is obtained by a minimum of 25 sponsors for the Heart4Women project and a minimum of 25 volunteers / trainees per year as they automatically donate to the                 foundation.


In the coming years, the Heart4Ghana NGO will be involved in setting up projects aiming to improve the religious and economic position of Northern Ghanaian women. In addition, it will offer opportunities for professional volunteers and interns to participate in one of our projects or in projects of partner organizations.

Heart4Women project

Heart4Women project aims to empower individual women within their own communities so that they and their families have better economic prospects through a sponsorship and microfinance program. At the same time, these women will be guided pastorally in their Christian faith. Women from different local communities are selected on the basis of pre-determined selection criteria to participate in the program. In this, cooperation is sought with the local pastors and churches.

Through a sponsorship program, women can be sponsored for a minimum of 2 years. Sponsors from the Netherlands / Europe sponsor women for a fixed monthly amount during a pre-agreed period. The sponsor money is partly spent on pastoral care, encouragement in the faith, coaching and training. In addition, a part is also provided as micro-financing to women to start small businesses or an education program. The businesses of the women are intensively supervised and monitored and the credit will be repaid, after which it will be invested in the same women again.

Volunteers and Interns

Part of our policy is the placement of professional volunteers and interns within our own projects, but also with those of partner organizations. We want to inspire these young people what it is like to live and work in a different culture. And give them the experience of their lives, which they can put to good use once they are back in their home country. In addition, their efforts within the various projects can be of good use to Heart4Ghana and partner NGO’s. In this way we can keep the costs of staff low and thus contribute to a financially healthy foundation. Volunteers are closely monitored not to take over the jobs of the local population. The volunteer is put in place mainly to gain knowledge within their own profession and to apply this knowledge the Ghanaian way.

Management, organization and partners

The Heart4Ghana NGO board is merely an advisory board. Their duties is to advise, to oversee and monitor all activities of the operational director and founder of the NGO.

The board consists of the following people:

Regina Laari -    treasurer

Ebenezer Nyarko    -    general board member

Renalda Dijkhuizen    - secretary

Emmanuel Batili    -    chairman

The foundation's board operates independently of the donors, sponsors and other stakeholders. Board members work on a voluntary basis and receive no compensation for their work as a board member. They may, however, declare expenses incurred during the performance of the position with supporting documents for the costs incurred to the treasurer.

The operational management of the NGO is in the hands of WRJ Dijkhuizen. In addition the director is responsible for writing the annual reports and oversees the financial reports of the treasurer.

All income and expenses are accurately recorded by the treasurer. In addition, the treasurer is responsible for preparing the financial annual report. The annual financial report is approved and adopted every year during the annual general meeting. The annual reports will be published on the foundation's website within 3 months of the end of the financial year.

The secretary is responsible for taking minutes of the meetings and will keep these minutes carefully.

This policy is a living document that is evaluated once a year and revised and adjusted where necessary.