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Heart4Women is part of the Heart4Ghana foundation. Heart4Women aims to empower individual women within their own community so that they and their families will have better economic prospects. Some of the project donations from the program costs of visitors (volunteers, interns, travelers) will be dedicated to empower these women. In addition, it is also possible to sponsor a Dagoma or Nanumba woman.

Women sponsor program

With sponsoring a Dagomba or Nanumba woman they will get noticed, getting the attention from others who are concerned about their situation. This personal attention to the women contribute in receiving recognition from their families and their communities. This increases their self-confidence so that they can actually be empowered. The sponsorship is mainly used to promote self-confidence and economic independence. Poverty, disease, stigmatization and oppression from their religioin are tackled by the sponsorship. In addition, it gives women the opportunity to get to know the Christian faith and to grow in this without being thrown out of their community.

How does it work?

The selection of women to participate in the sponsor program is determined by the Heart4Ghana Foundation in collaboration with the local communities of the district. The Heart4Ghana Foundation together with the selected woman looks at how the sponsor program can best be used with the aim of empowering the woman. You can think of educating them or helping them to set up an business so that the women can provide for their own livelihood. Training courses for health education and prevention, emotional & relational skills and spiritual growth could also be used to emower these women. To us, empowering does not only mean economic independence, but a focus on the total needs of women. Personal growth and making choices are also part of the empowering process.

How to join the sponsor program

When you decide to join this sponsor program, you can indicate this to us by reqesting a registration form. At the start of the sponsor program, the sponsors receive information about the woman they will sponsor. A photograph and a brief description of the woman and her request for help are described herein. Twice a year the sponsors receive an update from the Heart4Ghana Foundation about the current situation of the sponsored woman. Her development goals with regard to the pre-agreed sponsor program and the accountability of the sponsor money are described in this update. The sponsor program ends once the pre-agreed program has been successfully completed. Depending on the woman, her situation and the chosen program, this can take several years. When the sponsor program has been completed and the woman no longer needs sponsoring, the sponsor program will be transferred to another woman in consultation with the sponsor. If the sponsor wants to stop the program prematurely, then that is possible, but not desirable. Heart4Ghana will then look for another sponsor.