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Moringa4Women Project

Moringa4Women project is part of the women's empowerment objective of the NGO. In addition to the Heart4Women project in which individual women are sponsored to achieve economial independance, this project aims specifically female farmers groups. The project focuses on setting up women's cooperatives in the agricultural sector. Agriculture is main source of income for most rural families in Ghana and it is culturally more accepted for women to work on a farm. Women have the skills to work on the land, but are not allowed to own land. This could cause problems for the longer term. Farm lands belong to the chief of a community. If the chief thinks he needs the land, the farmer will have to leave the land and give it back to the chief. This has huge implications for the financial stability of a family, since they solely relay on farming. This is even worse for women, they have no land of their own. Moringa4Women wants to give these women the opportunity to be able to farm on a piece of land and together with other women get a better yield.

As the project name suggests, the women are going to farm Moringa. This is seen as the wonder tree; the leaves of the tree contain many nutrients which are beneficial to health issues and helps to prevent malnutrition. Unfortunately, there is no local sales market (yet). However, there is a large sales market in Europe and America for organic Moringa, sincs it is considered to be a so called super food. Therefore, the women's cooperatives will produce organic Moringa powder for export to Europe and America. There will be a collaboration with a local social enterprice Green Gold Ghana. In this way, the women are able to get a fair price for their product and the cooperative is more sustainable.

The cooperative intends to buy / lease a piece of land for 12 women to farm on. Every woman gets her own piece of land on which she will grow Moringa plants, and other crops in addition such as cabbage, carrots, beans, etc. Moringa powder will be made out of the leaves and sold for export. The other crops are for their own consumption. The Moringa and the other crops will be farmed ecologically according to the permaculture method so that the land does not get exhausted by the intensive agriculture of the Moringa.

We are currently writing a project proposal to be eligible for funding for the Moringa4Women project.