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Our mission is to achieve sustainable and responsible development cooperation in Northern Ghana. From a Christian attitude to life, an honest and intensive cooperation with local partners is entered into by making use of local knowledge and skills so that a specific contribution can be made to social, economic and missionary goals.  

This knowledge and experience is also shared with our visitors to inspire them to apply this knowledge and experience into their own lives. 


In order to achieve this mission, (professional) volunteers are set in to support projects of local partners. In addition to the efforts of volunteers, these local social projects are financially sponsored so that they can grow to their full potential.

All our activities are focused on providing employment opportunities to small entrepreneurs in the region. In addition, all local employees employed by Heart4Ghana receive a fair and competitive salary. Furthermore, we encourage our visitors (volunteers / interns / travelers) to participate in the local and cultural practices of the region in order to obtain an integral and responsible cooperation.