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Team Ghana

The Ghana team is currently located in Gurugu, a suburb of the regional capital Tamale. The team currently only consists of local employees who are employed by Heart4Ghana. They take care of the contacts with our local partners, placing volunteers, trainees and organizing workshops / excursions. Currently mr. Imoro is contactperson for visitors to the district.


Hey, So nice that you are interested in Heart4Ghana! I am Renalda and I have founded this organization. When I was 22 years old, I experienced Northern Ghana for the first time. And this turned out to be an unforgettable experience. After several years of traveling back and forth to participate in short-term development projects, I went to Ghana for a longer period in 2007 to work as a nurse in a remote clinic. An experience of a lifetime whereby I learned so much and through which I have been (trans)formed. For some years now, I have been living in the Netherlands, but my passion for Northern Ghana is still very much alive. And I would love to share this passion with you.


Hey, I am Seth Imoro. I am a professinal nurse working as the facility in charge of Nyong Health Centre, within Karage District. In my free time I am into missions working with the Assemblies of God Church in Tamale. From the start I have been involved by Heart4Ghana foundation and its activities. My main duties are to supervise medical and nursing students in Ghana when they are coming for their internship. In addition I am engaged in the Heart4Women project in Zoggu community.