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Team NL

Heart4Ghana is a small-scale organization with a small team in the Netherlands. We are convinced Christians, we have a passion for Ghana and we want to embody our Christian identity into this passion. We have been in Ghana for a shorter or longer period where we have become passionate about the culture and customs of the country. During our stay, our hearts were touched and we would like to share that compassion with you.  At the same time we want to use our passion to make a sustainable contribution to the country and its people. By entering into a sustainable cooperation with local partners and by empowering them no dependency will be created.

At the same time, we want to let you experience the richness of the Northern Ghana culture and we want to inspire people to let their own lives be touched and possibly changed by visiting this part of the country.

To minimize our costs in the Netherlands, we don't make use of an office, but we work from home. Our employees work on a voluntary basis and do not receive a salary.

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