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A maraaba...

At night, by moonlight, you are lying on your back in the savannah grasses, looking up to a sky full of stars. Innumerable…! You can clearly recognise a few signs of the zodiac in this dark blue sky above you. Your attention slips away from the stars, just for a second..... 

You look around to see what other kind of beauty this nature has to offer. Then all of a sudden you see shadows! Shadows of the trees, bushes and even of yourself. You are astonished. Where do all these shadows come from after the sun has set? But than you realise that it is the moon with its bright light that creates these shadows.

Right there you realise in what unique place you find yourself; a piece of paradise on earth.

 This is one of the many perceptions you could experience in Northern Ghana. This part of the country is known for its vast savannah and grasslands. As soon as you have passed Kumasi, you’ll soon enter the savannah. More northward the savannah gradually turns into grasslands. These savannah and grasslands make the north very attractive to travel around. It has its own character with a flora and fauna which is not to be found in any other part of Ghana. Beside nature beauty Northern Ghana accommodates many different cultures whom are much connected to one an other and give a whole new dimension to this part of Ghana.


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