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Village experience

Have you always wanted to experience the real African life, but you never actualy got to it? Then this is your chance!

Heart4Ghana offers a whole new concept; the village experience! We offer you the opportunity to live a real African life and at the same time contribute to the development of a local community.

Do you have enough perseverance, vigor, courage and a large portion of enthusiasm and are you abe to take initiative, to adapt easily and are you not afraid to live with minimum recourses? Then you are the person we are looking for!

A new way to volunteer

Have you always wanted to volunteer for a while, but is project work not appealing to you? Then this is your chance!

Heart4Ghana offers a complete new way of volunteering with the village experience. We do not expect you to work with a project of one of our partner organizations. No, we offer you the chance to live a real African life and at the same time contribute to the development of a community.

2 days - $ 55,- per person

3-4 days - $ 85,- per person

4-7 days - $ 110,- per person

2 weeks - $ 195,- per person

Included: * accomodation in local hut with fan * all meals * fresh drinking water * transportation from Tamale to village and back

How does it work?

The village experience is subject to the same conditions as volunteering in a project. You will be placed in a random village where you will live with a host family. You take part in every aspect of the family life and therefore simply participate in everything they do. If the women are going to get water, then you go along to do that together with them. If the men go to the farm, you will assist them there.

In addition you can use your talents and skills to contribute to the development of the community. How and what will vary per village.

  • Minimum stay is 2 days

  • You will go in pairs (max. 2 pers. per village)

  • This program may be combined with an excursion, a tour or the regular volunteer program.