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Volunteering and Internships

Heart4Ghana is a Christian organization which sends out young professionals with a 'heart' to volunteer projects in Northern Ghana. Together with you we would like to help the local population in education, healthcare and other development projects. Central to this is cooperation and integration with the local population.

In addition, we want you to discover and experience what is happening on the other side of the world, to make you aware of this other world and to give you the opportunity to actively participate in it. Contacts with the local population play an important role in this process.

For whom?

Whether you are young or old, experienced or inexperienced, adventurous or culturally oriented, anyone who feels attracted to our vision is welcome to come to Ghana with us. We make no distinction in religious background. Our projects have also not been selected on the basis of religion, but on the basis of a request for help. We do, however, find it important that you respect our Christian values.

Although Ghana is predominantly Christian, Northern Ghana is predominantly Islamic. Most of our projects are locted in Karaga Distrcit which is mainly occumpied by the Dagomba people group. Karaga District is located northeast of the provincial capital Tamale. Only two projects are located near Tamale itself. In the future we will expand our cooperation to Gushegu district which is east of Karaga and the two Nanumba districts south of Yendi.

Our projects

We only cooperate with local partner organizations with projects focused on developing of the area. You can think of projects in education, in healthcare and in the social sector. We also offer you the opportunity to work at our missional projects. By working with a local missionary worker you learn how the gospel is expressed in the context of Dagomba culture.

All projects are small-scale initiatives from private individuals or NGOs working in the region. In addition, we also cooperate with schools or clinics within the public sector.

At this page you can view all our projects. Each project comes with a description about the content of the project, their needs and requests for assistance.

Further on you will find more information about the conditions & costs and how you to apply. If there isn't any project of your interest among it, Heart4Ghana will look for a suitable project that meets your interest.

View all projects

Healthcare projects

Within Karaga district there are various possibilities to work in healthcare projects. The majority of the projects are looking for volunteers with a completed...

Education projects

According to the Karaga housig census conducted in 2010, about 66% of the children aged 3 years and above don't go to school.

Women projects

Heart4Ghana is moved with the position of the woman within the Dagomba culture. In Europe, women are used to making their own choices in their lives, but...

Missional projects

Missionary Seth Imoro gives interns the opportunity to observe how he explains the gospel to the Dagombas within their own cultural context. You can participate in Bible study groups, lectures, etc.

Ahaab School Complex

Ashaab School Complex offers private education to both primary and secondary school students. The education that is offered basically follows the .....