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From application to arrival 

How nice that you want to volunteer with us! This means that you would like to be inspired by the people of Northern Ghana!!

Before you proceed with your application, we will let you go through the following phases of your preparation. If you have any questions, you can always contact Team NL for more information. The procedure from application to arrival consists of three phases.

Application process

The application process starts with completing the online form below. As soon as we receive your online application you will get a registration form sent to you by e-mail. You can fill in this form digitally. Bij doing so you clearly indicate which project you are interested in and why you would like to work there. The registration form is sent to Team NL together with your CV. The registration must be received by us at least three months prior to the intended departure. As soon as your application is received, an interview will be scheduled with Team NL. During this interview we will discuss your motivation and your qualities for working in the project of your choice. In addition, more information about the different projects will be given.

Preparation process

In this phase you are expected to make preparations for the your journey to Ghana. During the information meetings Team NL will provide sufficient information about how to prepare and handle certain matters. This mainly concerns arranging a ticket, visa, vaccinations, insurance, etc.
You are also required to follow the prearation trainings with our partner organization Muses Foundation. The costs for these training sessions are included in the program costs.

Orienting process 

Of course you have already been busy orienting yourself on volunteering in Ghana. Nevertheless it is important to go more deeply into this country with its different population groups and customs. This prevents you from having an overly intense culture shock. More important it's to be aware of (un)commonly accepted behaviour in Northern Ghana. This promotes cooperation and integration with the Dagomba. Remember that you will be living in a host family and therefor you will have to deal with these cultural differences every day. The training sessions at Muses Foundation will certainly pay attention to that.

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