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Ashaab School Complex - Sognaayili

Ashaab School Complex offers private education to both primary and secondary school students. The education that is offered basically follows the national program of the Ghana Edication Service. There are several children in this school who are sponsored to attend classes. This sponsor program is not a part of Heart4Ghana but is a private initiative of a Ghanaian / Dutch couple. The school can use support in the form of giving extra lessons, but also in developing and improving new teaching methods. Sognaayili is a village located in the suburb of Tamale. Previously the village was difficult to reach, but nowadays it is possible to get to the center of Tamale within 30 minutes. The community is currently developing and Ashaab School is helping with this development in education. The school has experience in supervising volunteers and interns from Europe. The Headmaster has a bachelor in Education and is authorized to supervise students.

Volunteers / Interns needed!

Is your heart beating for the children of Ashaab School Complex? And do you see it as a challenge to make a difference for these children? Then contact us for more information or to apply.

Assistant needed with

  • Strengthen the team of primary school teachers; preparing and giving lessons; ICT education, English, etc.
  • Tutoring pupils;
  • Supporting teachers in lesson methodes; giving advise about learning methodes
  • Setting up sports activities


  • Mastering the English language
  • Competent in teaching (primary school teacher)
  • Minimum age of 22 years old (N.A. to interns)