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Education in Northern Region

The majority of children who go to school are boys, whilst education is such an important contribution to the social development of children. Primary education provides the children with knowledge, skills and standards & values so that they can fully develop and have the opportunity to discover their talents. Secondary education gives depth to this knowledge and prepares students for vocational training or to study. Within Northern Region, the Ghana Education Service is dominant. By far the most educational facilities are from the GES. In addition, there are some private initiatives for primary education. When students want to learn further, there are only a few possibilities. mostly they have to go to biger towns to follow through with their education.

Heart4Ghana offers various possibilities to volunteer or to do internship at a primary school within this region. You will support local teachers in their daily work and assist them in teaching in ICT or English and in additon you could tutor children with a disadvantage. The primary schools we work with are:

District Assembly primary in Nyong Nayili

Waterjeep private primary school in Nyong

Sampayili primary and nursery complex in Sampayili

Ashaab School Complex, Sognaayili

Volunteers and interns needed!

Several educational institutions are currently looking for volunteers with a completed professional training:

  • Primary school teacher
  • Teaching assistant

Do you have a heart that beats for children in primary education? And would you like to dedicate yourself to teaching them?

Please contact Team NL for more information or to apply.

No completed professional training?

Without a brachground in education you could volunteer by offering support by tutoring children with a disadvantage or by participating in sportsactivities.

Assistance needed with:

  • Strengthen the team of primary school teachers; preparing and giving lessons; ICT education, English, etc.

  • Tutoring pupils;

  • Supporting teachers in lesson methodes; giving advise about learning methodes

  • Setting up sports activities


  • Mastering the English language

  • Competent in teaching (primary school teacher)

  • Minimum age of 22 years old (N.A. to interns)