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Healthcare in Nothern Region

Within Northern Region there are various possibilities to work in health care. The Ghana Health Service has various Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) clinics in the area. Most of these CHPS clinics are run by a general nurse or by a Medical Assistant. They are supported by community health nurses. CHPS is part of a national strategy for delivering essential health care to the communities in the different regions. The primary focus is on reaching communities in deprived areas and bringing health services closer to the people in these communities.

The CHPS clinics with which Heart4Ghana cooperates include:

Pishigu health centre, Bagurugu clinic, Tamalgu clinic, Nyong clinic and

Dizem Bella nutritional centre in Karaga

Kings Medical Centre in Bontanga (30 min drive from Tamale)

Nutrition Centre in Bontanga (30 min drive from Tamale)

All these clinics are situated in a remote area. If you desire to work in one of these clinics or do an internship, you should be able to deal with a minimum of recourses. After working hours there are not many possibilities for entertainment. Instead you spend much time with your host family and you are expected to participate in activities within the community. You can think of cooking together, fetching water (on your head), enjoying the coolness of the mango tree and having a chat with your neighbors.

Read more about the Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) clinics by clicking on the button below.

In additon we also partner with most government hospitals in Tamale e.g. Tamae Teaching Hospital, Central Hospital, West Hospital, SDA hospital, Kpalsi St, Lucy polyclinic.

Volunteers and interns needed!

The various health centers in the region can use the support of volunteers who have completed the following preparatory training:

  • General Nurse

  • Physiotherapist

  • Nutritionist

  • Midwife

Do you feel attracted to work together with the people in Northern Region to help meet their healthcare objectives? Does your heart flow over with passion for this target group?

Then contact Team Ghana for more detailed information or to apply.

Assistance needed at the clinics

  • Strengthen the local nurses team; providing basic care to patients; support in the OPD;
  • Providing health education to pregnant women with anemia (high prevalence);
  • Strengthen the Nutrition Center; monitoring malnourished children;
  • Providing health education about malnutrition in children (high prevalence);
  • Support with vaccination program and other outreaches;
  • Other


  • Completed professional training (or 3rd-4th year student)
  • Work experience is a plus
  • Declaration on Behavior (VOG)
  • Minimum age of 22 years old