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Missional Projects

In addition to working in healthcare and education, there are also opportunities to work in missions. You will work alongside Ghanaian missionaries. Since most Ghanaian missionaries have regular jobs, they will only engage themzelves in missional activities in the evenings and in the weekends. Your work will consist of making contacts in the communities, organizing discussion groups and Bible study groups. You will all do this togehter with the local missionaries, since they speak the local language. Among other things, you will learn more about how the Gospel is expressed into the context of the Dagomba culture.


The missionaries are mostly active in the evenings and weekends. You can join them in their missional activities then. During the days you can chose to join the village experience program or dedicate yourself to one of our other projects.

Assistance requested:

  • Strengthen team local (Ghanaian) missionaries
  • Outreach in the neighboring communities
  • Attending Bible study group(s)
  • Attending discussion groups                 


  • Mastering the English language   
  • Being a converted Christian
  •     Minimum age of 22 years old