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Empowering women

Heart4Ghana is moved with the position of woman within Northern Ghana. These women don't always have an easy life and are in need of help to get empowered. In Europe, women are used to making their own choices, mostly supported by the men in the sociaty. This is different in Northern Ghana. Life is not about the individual, but its a community life. Community life is very strong and embedded into the culture. It is very helpful to survive in an environment of poverty, but it also has its down sides. The comunity always decides what is good for the community as a whole which has consequences for the individual. Another factor is that women should not only listen to the village elders, but also to their husbands. When a woman decides to go her own way, she is expelled from the community. Most women do not want to take a risk like this, because they will no longer be able to sustain for themslves and their children. Most women are putting up with this, but there are women who are not able to cope with this any longer. Heart4Ghana is committed to offer these women a business to become more economically independent within their own community. For every women this entails a different approach. Our intention always is to support these women within their own community. This calls for a diplomatic commitment from Team Ghana to take the whole community along with the empowering of their wives.   

Heart4Women, which is part of the Heart4Ghana foundation, aims to empower individual women within their own community so that they will achieve better economic prospects for themselves and their families. Part of the project donations will therefore be intended for empowering these women. In addition to this, it is also possible to sponsor a woman. For more information about eigther the women sponsor program or the Heart4Ghana Foundation, click on the button below.

To help more women become economically independent, we are setting up a trainingcentre where they can learn a skill or a trade like, weaving the kente cloth, printing fabrics with Tie&Dye, soap making, etc.

Volunteers and interns needed!

Currently Heart4Ghana Foundation is looking for volunteers or interns who can help setting up the sponsorship program for Heart4women projects and Moringa4Women project. And to hlep with setting up the trainingcentre.

The Foundation is also looking for volunteers who are willing to set up promotional activities and help to increase its findability on the net.

Please contact Team Ghana for more information about volunteering for the Foundation.

Sponsoring a women!

Are you interested in sponsoring a Dagomba or Nanumba women? Or would you like to help setting up the women trainingscentre?

Please contact Team Ghana for detailed information about our sponsorship program or request a brochure by clicking on the link below.